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Minnetonka shoes

In the past few years, Minnetonka was seen by people wearing it, yet it didn’t really “launch” until this year, it might be, but definitely by next year! Minnetonka originate from America at least according to their website, click HERE. Everyone shops at American Eagle, even if your not a big American Eagle fan, you still have a few pieces from there. I’m not a big American Eagle fan myself, but I do notice that their inventory is getting cuter and cuter as time passes by, so this year I might end up picking up some pieces from there myself. This year, American Eagle is helping the company Minnetonka sell their shoes, which will really help the brand get known to the public. As far as the brand Minnetonka goes, only their collection known as the “Moccasin” are selling to the public, but they have many other great stylish boots 🙂

Also, it looks as if the style of Native American is slightly coming back into the fashion world, but that will take a few years if it really does.

In the meantime, here are the shoes by Minnetonka worn with different outfits.

The Blonde Salad

The Blonde Salad

The Blonde Salad

The Blonde Salad

Cheyenne Meets Chanel

The Fashion Fruit

How are you feeling about the Minnetonka’s? If you do not own a pair, do you think you will get one? Do you think these boots can be matched up with clothing easily?

If you like these boots, you can get your Minnetonkians here!:

American Eagle Outfitters




This week has been one of the busiest weeks that I have experienced in a long time. I don’t like it and I don’t wish to experience it, but sometimes, there really isn’t a choice whether you like it or not, it just kind of happens. I understand when many people experience busy weeks that involve lots of studying either by your desk or in a coffee shop, they automatically think they must be comfortable. At home, wearing sweatpants and a comfy t-shirt wouldn’t be much of an issue, I mean, after all, who are you impressing? What, the four walls? Well, if your studying at home, what you look like isn’t much of an issue, but when you go out to the coffee shop to study for exams, you should still aim to look good. You never know who the next person you run into will be. The more networking that one does, the closer and easier you are able to obtain a job that you’ve been working so hard for in college 🙂

So yes, this week has been a rough week for me, books has become my closest friends this week. I’m very tired and the hell doesn’t end until my late class on Friday. When you don’t have the time or simply really just don’t know what to wear, a pair of jeans and a cute white or any color top or if jeans are not your thing, leggings would be a good solution to sweatpants. Any top that covers your butt with a pair of leggings, then a jacket on top with any type of shoes is a really good choice as well. It’s still dressed up enough, but not too dressed down. I believe these two choices for exam week would be the best choice. I prefer jeans that flare out a bit and shirt tucked in with a pair of heels. It’s casual enough, at the same time, it’s not embarrassing either. And leggings, they give you room to move, comfortable, and quite stylish, I must say 🙂

Cupcakes and Cashmere

Fashion Toast

The Fashion Fruit

The Fashion Fruit

The Fashion Fruit

The Fashion Fruit

Cupcakes and Cashmere

Do you guys think these outfits are too dressed up for studying at the coffee shop? Yes? No? Which outfit is your favorite? What would you wear to the coffee shop if you were to study for exams?

The importance of eyes.

One of the highlights of the human face are the eyes. The eyes has the ability to change the whole look of the human face. With that being said, it’s very important to keep the eyes looking beautiful. Now, not everyone has naturally beautiful eyes or eyes that they want, but they can always work with what you have :). If you don’t have eyes that you would like, all you need is to get a palet of eye shadow, a type of eye liner, eye brow pencil, and of course some cosmetic brushes for the eye shadow. Depending on how you use the eye cosmetics, you can extenuate your beauty of your eyes and bring out the best of it. Bringing out the eyes can change your beauty by a whole lot.

Some of the best places to get eye makeup is Sephora and Mac. Sephora has really great eye shadow palates for really great prices, therefore you can get quality (the product stays on throughout the whole day) makeup for a decent price with lots of great colors 🙂 And Mac, Mac tends to specialize in eye makeup, from experience, and when I talk to many others, Mac has products that make your eyes look wonderful. Mac is a little bit more costly than Sephora, but it’s definitely worth every single buck of it.

Eyeshadows from Sephora

Mac Eyeshadows

For eyebrow pencil, I prefer something from the drug stores because eye brow pencils are very expensive in high end makeup for very little amount of it. They still on half of the day, therefore, it wouldn’t hurt to reapply around lunch time or whenever the middle of the day for you is. It is important to have a defined eyebrow because it helps bring out your eyes, bringing out the eyebrow could be known as a beauty mark.

 For the eyebrow pencil, I suggest a good brand from the pharmacy such as Revlon or Maybelline.

Eyeliner is one of the most important parts to extenuating the eye. If you wake up SUPER tired for the day and don’t have time to put on makeup, you should at the very least put eyeliner on. Especially for people who are Asian, eyeliner helps in making their eyes bigger, or else their eyes would be tiny. Eyeliner plays the most important in bringing out the eyes, it is the most noticeable part in eye makeup. I understand eyeliner is used to outline your eye, but it is good to get a little bit playful with it as well. I find it very stylish to add wings to the sides of your eye, plus many people like it too! 😉

The eyeliner, it’s a gel, but you apply it with a brush

Model with cat eye. Attractive and different, right?

Eyes sends a lot of messages to people, they say a million words without having to move your mouth at all. Wearing eyeliner in the cat eye way shows that your a serious, sophisticated, confident type of woman.

How are you liking the cat eye idea?

Do you think that eyes are one of the most important feature of the face?

What are your opinion on eye makeup?

What kind of messages would you like to send out to the public through eye makeup?

Let me know!

Leopard Prints…

Nicole Riche

are totally in this year. In the past few years, leopard print has been seen here and there, but this year, almost every store is pushing the idea out towards the public, and the public is liking it more and more. Typically fashion does take about 5 years for the public to catch onto it. I’m really loving the idea of it because it’s like a foreshadow to a wide side of you. Leopard prints are NOT just for going out, it’s great for everyday wear! That is, if you don’t over do it. Wearing all leopard prints would NOT be attractive, but giving it a touch of it to your clothing does spice up the outfit! 🙂

Here are some examples:

J's Everyday Fashion

J's Everyday Fashion

J's Everyday Fashion

J's Everyday Fashion

The Fashion Fruit

The Fashion Fruit

The Blonde Salad

The Blonde Salad

The Blonde Salad

The Blonde Salad

Cheyenne Meets Chanel

Are you liking the idea of leopard prints? Do you feel that leopard prints can be for everyday wear or is it more going out wear?

Here are some places where you can find your Leopard!



J. Crew

Banana Republic

Michael Kors

Ann Taylor

Lately, I have been doing some shopping for the fall. I only buy clothes from quality stores, so that leaves Forever21 out. One of my favorite stores since my high school years is Express. Express offers very sophisticated, sharp, and professional clothing even when it’s casual. Yes, when you go into a Express store or shop online, they do price their clothes quite expensive, but actually, it’s really NOT that expensive! Unlike many stores, Express offers A LOT of coupons either mailed to your house, online (on their web page), and by e-mail. There are so many chances to save on their clothing. A good example of a coupon that they offer would be something along the lines of, “$30 OFF YOUR $100 PURCHASE” or “$50 OFF YOUR $150 PURCHASE” or they have  many, many great promotions ALL THE TIME. A promotion that they do consistently would be something along the lines of “$15 for every sixty dollars you spend”, and even better is when they have seasonal sales. I mean sales that when they have to get the old stuff out and put the new stuff in, they have sales such as “60% off of the original price, and an EXTRA 20% off the clearance”. Believe it or not, you find really great stuff in the clearance. For this sale, I got myself three new mini skirts, two maxi skirts, two fashion tops, and one tank top, all for no more than $150! That is a complete steal! I’ve been a customer of Express for many years now, and I know how their clearance work, therefore I know when I’ll be able to get the best deal, yet it is a gamble. Every time Express goes on sale for 60% off and an ADDITIONAL 20% off the clearance, almost 99.9% of the time, next week, they will have a better promotion, such as “70% off and an ADDITIONAL 30% OFF”. It is a gamble because the first week that Express has this type of deal, many people are buying already, therefore, they may not have your size next week. And if you wait until the next week, the more chances they won’t have your size, but if your closet is filled with clothes, you can wait, right? After the holiday season is the best time to get clothing, especially the last week of January going into February. Express is just amazingly, extremely cheap. I recalled, there was a pair of boots that they were selling for $128 original price, I ended up getting it for $27 by the end of January. It was a gamble though…because I’m a size 7, and that is a popular size, but I have been paying close attention if that product was being bought fast or not.

To wrap this up guys, DON’T THINK EXPRESS IS EXPENSIVE, BECAUSE IT’S NOT!!! You just have to know how to look. If you have any questions, please comment!!!

*Note: I will be posting pictures of what I bought from Express as soon as I get the chance to!

Today my friend and I made an very unexpected trip to the Burlington Coat Factory. Believe it or not, I really like shopping there…I think it’s better than a Macy’s, because everything is DISCOUNTED and lots of good brand names. One of the first things that I always look at when I go shopping are shoes. I love shoes. Today, I found a pair of HEELS by Timberland. Now, I normally don’t like anything made by Timberland because I don’t feel is very classy, however, this time was different. These heels were actually pretty fashionable and they worked for walking in the snow. I thought I was in heaven when I found these heels because living in a city that contains a lot of snow, but at the same time still want to be fashionable, just isn’t very easy. These heels are like the perfect height too, about three inches high, and even better, it’s super comfortable, plus waterproof!

Can you say these heels are great for winter in the snow? The shoes were such a steal, only $54.99!

If your in love with these boots, a similar pair can be found on the website of Timberland.

Please click HERE for a similar pair.

Dressing Up Feels Good…:))

Every time we head out the door, there are great possibilities of what we could wear before we step out to the public…it’s all up to you, that is:)

For the past years since officially my senior year of high school, I have made an effort to dress up everyday unless I am very sick.

Dressing up has given me more confidence in my everyday life. I don’t have to shy away from things because I look like crap. I am ready for anything pretty much, except for super professional events. Though dressing up is a BIG satisfaction. Pretty much the saying of, “When you look great, you feel great”, it is really true.

The first thing when someone approaches you is that they notice what you are wearing, that is also the first impression of you. How you dress is how people respect you. In my book, that is pretty important. Going through life of people not respecting you is honestly very hard. Clothing doesn’t have to be ultra expensive to achieve the feeling of feeling good. Clothing that comes from Marshalls or TJ Maxx are great places for stylish fashion for cheap prices, don’t you agree?

On the days that I’m ill… dressing down, I always try to be as professional about it as much as possible, therefore I try to avoid the baggy sweatpants. I feel it’s best to stick with yoga pants because this way it is still very clean cut, nothing sloppy. And another plus is that it makes your butt look good ;).

I know dressing up everyday isn’t an easy task to achieve, I seriously truly understand. But something that helps is picking it out the outfit the night before so your not in a huge rush when you are trying to look good for the day in the morning…plus, you have a lot more time! Something that I do is that I consistently follow fashion bloggers to see what they are wearing and do something similar.

Do you feel its hard to make an effort to dress up everyday? When you do dress up, how are you feeling? Do you believe Marshalls and TJ Maxx have good stylish clothing?

A few of the blogs that I follow, please check it out!

The Blonde Salad


Cupcakes and Cashmere

Song of Style

The Fashion Fruit

The Fashion Fruit

Fashion Toast

J's Everyday Fashion

Today’s post is rather different compared to the others. Every time I go shopping, this always comes across my mind… the more expensive clothing or the cheaper clothing?

Clothing at Express is just as stylish as clothing at Forever21, however there is a HUGE price difference. At Forever21, I am able to get a sweater for about an average of $20-$25 full price, but at Express a sweater can easily range from $60-$100.

But, regardless of how expensive a sweater at Express would cost, I still would much rather pay that price than purchase a couple of cheap sweaters. Why? Clothing at Express is all about quality. Yes, I have to agree that the price is high, but Express is ABSOLUTELY great with coupons, they are always marking the prices down for people. On the other hand, Forever21 NEVER sends out coupons, and if something goes on sale, it’s always the crappier clothing that no one really wants.

Something from Express can last me about five years vs. something at Forever21 can only last me about couple washes. I understand college students and many of those stores demographics might not be the richest crowd, but saving the doe for something pricer because of the quality is a lot smarter of an idea than consistently throwing clothing out…because all the Forever21 clothing that gets thrown out eventually adds up and is pricer than the one piece of clothing from an more expensive store.

Clothing at expensive stores lasts much longer, with much higher quality, and many times, the design is very different and unique. And best off, you can put it through the wash as many times as possible and it still will last.

Clothing at cheaper stores…don’t do as well in quality, material, design, etc. Designs are much more simpler, therefore you would see it on a lot more people. Quality is very cheap, therefore it falls apart very easily. And the material is cheap because it can catch stains very easily.

How do you feel about my outlook on expensive vs. cheaper clothing? What is your outlook on more expensive clothing/cheaper clothing?

Express SALE

Forever21 Promotion

I am totally IN love with Michael Kors new Jewelry collection. It is totally Chic, and best off it’s very inexpensive! Michael Kors has never came out with jewelry before for his collection, so I feel he did a very good job on the styles that he chose for his first time.

His styles of the rings and bracelets are my favorite because they are very different from the other rings and bracelets. It is so much more edgy and different. On one of his rings, there is a design of a buckle on it, is there anything like that out there?

Anyways, how do you feel about his collection of jewelry? Are you loving it?

Please visit Michael Kors for more of his pieces.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces:

Michael Kors Buckle Ring, Golden

Michael Kors Large Buckle Bracelet

Michael Kors Bangles with Clip

Picture of Aimee Song rocking the RED color

Picture of Aimee Song rocking the RED color

It seems that the “IT” color for this coming winter season is RED. I feel that’s not an easy color to keep up with, because to start out with, not everyone has the nerves to wear Red. Well, this year’s fashion for Red clothing is actually quite stylish. It’s nothing that would make someone think more of you, however, it’s still not settled. Red tends to stick out a bit more than other colors, so regardless what the fashion is, it is still a “Show Stopper” color.

In my opinion, Red definitely represents sex appeal, DARING, sharp, sophistication, and anything that gets your adrenaline going when you think/see Red 😉

Last year’s “IT” color was purple. I wasn’t very crazy about it, but then I’m the type of person who doesn’t like all that good in purple.

A specific website that is really rocking Red is Express, and some fashion bloggers.

Did you like last year’s color, Purple?

What are your feelings on this year’s “IT” color, Red?