For the past few years I have been on a search for the perfect pair of leather boots. Of course, it must involve: Stylishness, knee-high, comfort, all day wear, and quality-made.

About a week and a half to two weeks ago, I really felt that I scored the perfect pair of boots by BCBG Generation at Macy’s. They involved everything that I listed above. These boots ended up to be knee-high wedge boots. Why I made this choice? I like the fact that a wedge pair of boots would give me a bit of a height, and that it wasn’t a heel, therefore it’s comfortable and not as formal during the day time. I also liked the fact that this boot was only about three inches high.

I’ve been wearing these boots for about two weeks now, and they are definitely really comfortable. It could be part of the reason is that I put an in-sole in it so that it doesn’t hurt and gives more comfort. To do so, I bought the shoe a half size bigger than my normal size. BCBG shoes run true to size, so that is quite assuring if you are interested in a pair.

Here is the pair that I have:

Boots by BCBGeneration

These boots sells for about $169.99, but I am pretty sure you can find them for $99.99, which is how much I got mine for.

If you are in love with these boots, you can find a pair that is similar tot his pair at Aldo. I chose to go with this pair because I tend to have bigger calfs than normal, but if I had smaller calfs, I would have definitely gone with the pair from Aldo. Why? It’s because the leather quality was even better.

Here is the Aldo knee-high boots that I was referring to:

Boots by Aldo

Here are some places you can find these type of boots:


Banana Republic


Do you like these types of boots?

Do you still find these boots to be too fancy for during the day time?

Do you think these boots would meet your satisfactory?