Everyone is pretty obsessed with contacts, because no one really likes glasses. In my case, I’ll be one less of everyone. My eyes are not that bad, such as, I can still drive without glasses in the evening because only minor things are blurry to me, such as road signs, but I can still make it out.

I have come to find that glasses are really not bad at all, now this is coming from someone who never wore contacts before. About a month ago, I went and got my eyes checked out and ended up getting new glasses. I put them on, and they make everything quite clear, so I kind of fell in love with wearing glasses. I also found that wearing glasses aren’t that bad because it actually creates a more sophisticated and sharp look than without glasses. It’s a look that is more serious, at least with my black glasses.

I have been wearing glasses all my life, but only when I go to class and need to see what the teacher is writing on the board or the projector, but I think one of the reasons I didn’t like wearing my glasses as much before is because they weren’t adjusted completely to my face. These glasses that I have are adjusted completely to my face so when I move my head, they do not go anywhere besides stay on where I like them to be. I’ve come to find that I don’t want to go anywhere without wearing these glasses, well, not only because they make things clearer, but they also make me more credible. I’m pretty sure, I’m already quite a credible person as is, but I also feel more respected.

I guess in other words, glasses are just a pair of glasses that hope you to see, there’s so much more physiological reasons that go into it than just a pair of gasses.

If you don’t like wearing your glasses, but see that your glasses can potentially be quite stylish, you should take it back to the place where you got your glasses and get them adjusted. It took me several times of going back, but in the long run, I got to say, it was well worth it.

Here are some examples of people with glasses, they show sophistication and sharpness as well:

How do you feel when you wear your glasses?

Do you like wearing them?

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