In the past I have gone to many places wishing that I had on a different outfit, but I can’t get home, as a result, I learned to put an extra set of clothing in the trunk of the car. When it comes to this, you must consider the time of the year (due to the weather), what your career is, what you like to wear, something that would work for both you, and what you are doing for the day.

For this combination, I have come up with this outfit combination:


I chose this type of pants because this type of pants is comfortable and casual, yet still dressy enough that you won’t have to worry about running into your next boss. These pants also just about match anything.


Striped pintuck tunic by Banana Republic

I chose these who shirts because both of these shirts will look nice tucked in and not tucked in. These shirts are also pretty casual for the day, but also dressy enough.



AKOUPE by Aldo

Black shoes are a must. I listed both types of shoes because I understand some people are one type or the other. So…how to decide? If your in the professional field, you should go with the heels, but if your a student, you should go with the flats. But it is also about comfort. Many college students don’t like wearing heels to class, therefore it’s not a bad idea to wear flats. If your career involves a lot of traveling, then it is better to go with the flats than the heels because you don’t want to lose focus and effort on a client, especially if your making a big business deal. If you want to be both comfortable and have some height, you should go with the wedges. Wedges are in between of formal and informal, and also super comfortable.

In-sole by Aldo

From past experience, I can’t stress to people how important it is to put a shoe in-sole in your shoe. It really does make that much of a difference to have it in the shoe. If you put into a heel, it seriously adds several more hours of comfort before your feet breaks down. Even if you wear a pair of flats, you should still put a in-sole into the flats because for flats if you wear it too long, your heel starts to hurt, so it doesn’t hurt to put an in-sole into the shoe. So I think a pretty good question for me to answer about these in-soles is what size should you get. I know the first thing you think of when you go buy  your shoe in-sole is the size thing. Do NOT get a in-sole that is the same size as your shoe size, because it will NOT fit. Please don’t make that mistake! These shoe in-soles are rather cheap, only $8, and you can use it for many pairs of shoes, very good investment!!!



It’s always good to have a simple piece of necklace with you because it adds something to your outfit and it also acts as a distraction piece especially if you have large breasts. A belt is also very important to have because it completes the outfit more, and this belt goes along with just about anything.


I’m not sure what type of weather you could possibly get caught in, but it wouldn’t hurt to throw a sweater in the trunk as well, and it also goes right along with the outfit.

Futai Vented Compact Umbrella - Black by Target

I live in a really, really rainy city, well, not as bad as Washington State, but it’s not much better. Seriously something that I learn from experience is always carry an umbrella in the car, this way you will always stay dry. The last thing you want to get is get soaking wet, it can put you through a miserable day, so an easy way to solve that is put an umbrella in your car!

I believe I have provided a pretty good list of what to have extra in the trunk.

Would you add anything else to it?

Let me know!