The day after Thanksgiving, a.k.a, Black Friday is one of the day’s that people go crazy on shopping. Well, for us ladies, it’s all about the discount on clothes and shoes. Normally on Black Friday, I am the buyer, but this year, I decided to go a different route, I decided to be the seller. As a seller on Black Friday, I learned quite a few things. Due to the tradition that all stores in the country go on sale, people tend to think that something is cheaper when it is still pretty pricey, is something that I seriously have picked up. Another thing that I learned is that, the stuff that was on the clearance rack are all taken inside, so there aren’t any clearance items you can get.

As a retailer on Black Friday, I learned that I do NOT like dealing with a HUGE amount of people, nor the mean bosses because they are stressing out too. And over the years of experience with Black Friday, I have come to a conclusion that: If you know your size for the store, please shop online. Why I say this? It saves you gas, dealing with large amounts of people clustering over the same thing, size problems, super long-long lines, and frustration. So definitely in the future, if I’m going to be the buyer, I’m going to get my beauty sleep while everyone is going crazy, while I can sit at home with a cup of coffee and do all the shopping I would do in the store, but online.

If something comes in the mail and it doesn’t fit you or you no longer like it anymore, here’s the good thing, you can go back to the store and A) Get your money back or B) Exchange it 🙂 Also Black Friday deals with clothes and shoes last all day long, even though it says until 9AM or noon, they do that just so that people would order from their store, but generally speaking, it will last all day long.

Now, if you need electronics, I will say getting up super early and waiting in the long long is worth it. Electronics are discounted RIDICULOUSLY cheap on Black Friday. A good example is that you can get a Samsung Flat Screen TV, 46″ for about $325, no joke, because one of my good friend’s texted and told me. Crazy right?

So, do you plan on rethinking how your going to manage your shopping on Black Friday for 2012?