Many times when we find the perfect outfit for the day, we automatically want to go to a pair of heels that’s about four inches high or stick with the flats. Here’s the thing about going to the heels, heels hurt, especially if you have to be on your foot all day, but it’s super cute with the outfit. Flats are cute too, but it doesn’t always go quite with the outfit, and for people who are petite, flats make us feel short, having some height really wouldn’t hurt. Therefore, wedges are the solution, yes, I understand it is still similar to a heel, but wedges are much, much more comfortable, and you can go all day in it! To make sure that wedges are not like heels, make sure the height of the wedge is not too high. Keep it to about 2-3 inches, MAXIMUM!

Wedges from Aldo

Wedges by Aldo

Wedges by Aldo

Wedges from Express

Wedges by Express

Here’s where you can get your wedges!



Banana Republic

J. Crew

How do you guys like the idea wedges in replace of heels and flats?