I catch myself in many situations, especially in the morning that I want to look good for the day, yet, I don’t want to walk out looking like a marshmallow. As a result, over the years of dressing up, I learned some secrets. If you want to wear skirt and a t-shirt, under a trench coat, but it’s very cold outside just for a shirt and a trench coat on top, what you can do is put a sweater over the t-shirt, and then the trench, you will be a lot warmer that way, and also without people noticing that you have a sweater under it.

J's Everyday Fashion

If you like heels, and heels hurt your feet, to resolve this, I always put a “in sole” in the shoe, it’s a lot more comfortable, and you can walk a lot farther without pain. Using an “in-sole” is a very good idea, especially for high heel boots and booties, because they will feel a lot more comfortable. In the winter time, inserting an “in-sole” in a pair of heels makes the shoe feel a lot warmer as well. Not all heels can fit an “in-sole”, but majority of the heels can :)) The best place to get your in-sole is at Aldo for $8!

Aldo "In-soles"