One of the highlights of the human face are the eyes. The eyes has the ability to change the whole look of the human face. With that being said, it’s very important to keep the eyes looking beautiful. Now, not everyone has naturally beautiful eyes or eyes that they want, but they can always work with what you have :). If you don’t have eyes that you would like, all you need is to get a palet of eye shadow, a type of eye liner, eye brow pencil, and of course some cosmetic brushes for the eye shadow. Depending on how you use the eye cosmetics, you can extenuate your beauty of your eyes and bring out the best of it. Bringing out the eyes can change your beauty by a whole lot.

Some of the best places to get eye makeup is Sephora and Mac. Sephora has really great eye shadow palates for really great prices, therefore you can get quality (the product stays on throughout the whole day) makeup for a decent price with lots of great colors 🙂 And Mac, Mac tends to specialize in eye makeup, from experience, and when I talk to many others, Mac has products that make your eyes look wonderful. Mac is a little bit more costly than Sephora, but it’s definitely worth every single buck of it.

Eyeshadows from Sephora

Mac Eyeshadows

For eyebrow pencil, I prefer something from the drug stores because eye brow pencils are very expensive in high end makeup for very little amount of it. They still on half of the day, therefore, it wouldn’t hurt to reapply around lunch time or whenever the middle of the day for you is. It is important to have a defined eyebrow because it helps bring out your eyes, bringing out the eyebrow could be known as a beauty mark.

 For the eyebrow pencil, I suggest a good brand from the pharmacy such as Revlon or Maybelline.

Eyeliner is one of the most important parts to extenuating the eye. If you wake up SUPER tired for the day and don’t have time to put on makeup, you should at the very least put eyeliner on. Especially for people who are Asian, eyeliner helps in making their eyes bigger, or else their eyes would be tiny. Eyeliner plays the most important in bringing out the eyes, it is the most noticeable part in eye makeup. I understand eyeliner is used to outline your eye, but it is good to get a little bit playful with it as well. I find it very stylish to add wings to the sides of your eye, plus many people like it too! 😉

The eyeliner, it’s a gel, but you apply it with a brush

Model with cat eye. Attractive and different, right?

Eyes sends a lot of messages to people, they say a million words without having to move your mouth at all. Wearing eyeliner in the cat eye way shows that your a serious, sophisticated, confident type of woman.

How are you liking the cat eye idea?

Do you think that eyes are one of the most important feature of the face?

What are your opinion on eye makeup?

What kind of messages would you like to send out to the public through eye makeup?

Let me know!