Today my friend and I made an very unexpected trip to the Burlington Coat Factory. Believe it or not, I really like shopping there…I think it’s better than a Macy’s, because everything is DISCOUNTED and lots of good brand names. One of the first things that I always look at when I go shopping are shoes. I love shoes. Today, I found a pair of HEELS by Timberland. Now, I normally don’t like anything made by Timberland because I don’t feel is very classy, however, this time was different. These heels were actually pretty fashionable and they worked for walking in the snow. I thought I was in heaven when I found these heels because living in a city that contains a lot of snow, but at the same time still want to be fashionable, just isn’t very easy. These heels are like the perfect height too, about three inches high, and even better, it’s super comfortable, plus waterproof!

Can you say these heels are great for winter in the snow? The shoes were such a steal, only $54.99!

If your in love with these boots, a similar pair can be found on the website of Timberland.

Please click HERE for a similar pair.