Lately, I have been doing some shopping for the fall. I only buy clothes from quality stores, so that leaves Forever21 out. One of my favorite stores since my high school years is Express. Express offers very sophisticated, sharp, and professional clothing even when it’s casual. Yes, when you go into a Express store or shop online, they do price their clothes quite expensive, but actually, it’s really NOT that expensive! Unlike many stores, Express offers A LOT of coupons either mailed to your house, online (on their web page), and by e-mail. There are so many chances to save on their clothing. A good example of a coupon that they offer would be something along the lines of, “$30 OFF YOUR $100 PURCHASE” or “$50 OFF YOUR $150 PURCHASE” or they have  many, many great promotions ALL THE TIME. A promotion that they do consistently would be something along the lines of “$15 for every sixty dollars you spend”, and even better is when they have seasonal sales. I mean sales that when they have to get the old stuff out and put the new stuff in, they have sales such as “60% off of the original price, and an EXTRA 20% off the clearance”. Believe it or not, you find really great stuff in the clearance. For this sale, I got myself three new mini skirts, two maxi skirts, two fashion tops, and one tank top, all for no more than $150! That is a complete steal! I’ve been a customer of Express for many years now, and I know how their clearance work, therefore I know when I’ll be able to get the best deal, yet it is a gamble. Every time Express goes on sale for 60% off and an ADDITIONAL 20% off the clearance, almost 99.9% of the time, next week, they will have a better promotion, such as “70% off and an ADDITIONAL 30% OFF”. It is a gamble because the first week that Express has this type of deal, many people are buying already, therefore, they may not have your size next week. And if you wait until the next week, the more chances they won’t have your size, but if your closet is filled with clothes, you can wait, right? After the holiday season is the best time to get clothing, especially the last week of January going into February. Express is just amazingly, extremely cheap. I recalled, there was a pair of boots that they were selling for $128 original price, I ended up getting it for $27 by the end of January. It was a gamble though…because I’m a size 7, and that is a popular size, but I have been paying close attention if that product was being bought fast or not.

To wrap this up guys, DON’T THINK EXPRESS IS EXPENSIVE, BECAUSE IT’S NOT!!! You just have to know how to look. If you have any questions, please comment!!!

*Note: I will be posting pictures of what I bought from Express as soon as I get the chance to!