Today’s post is rather different compared to the others. Every time I go shopping, this always comes across my mind… the more expensive clothing or the cheaper clothing?

Clothing at Express is just as stylish as clothing at Forever21, however there is a HUGE price difference. At Forever21, I am able to get a sweater for about an average of $20-$25 full price, but at Express a sweater can easily range from $60-$100.

But, regardless of how expensive a sweater at Express would cost, I still would much rather pay that price than purchase a couple of cheap sweaters. Why? Clothing at Express is all about quality. Yes, I have to agree that the price is high, but Express is ABSOLUTELY great with coupons, they are always marking the prices down for people. On the other hand, Forever21 NEVER sends out coupons, and if something goes on sale, it’s always the crappier clothing that no one really wants.

Something from Express can last me about five years vs. something at Forever21 can only last me about couple washes. I understand college students and many of those stores demographics might not be the richest crowd, but saving the doe for something pricer because of the quality is a lot smarter of an idea than consistently throwing clothing out…because all the Forever21 clothing that gets thrown out eventually adds up and is pricer than the one piece of clothing from an more expensive store.

Clothing at expensive stores lasts much longer, with much higher quality, and many times, the design is very different and unique. And best off, you can put it through the wash as many times as possible and it still will last.

Clothing at cheaper stores…don’t do as well in quality, material, design, etc. Designs are much more simpler, therefore you would see it on a lot more people. Quality is very cheap, therefore it falls apart very easily. And the material is cheap because it can catch stains very easily.

How do you feel about my outlook on expensive vs. cheaper clothing? What is your outlook on more expensive clothing/cheaper clothing?

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