Every time we head out the door, there are great possibilities of what we could wear before we step out to the public…it’s all up to you, that is:)

For the past years since officially my senior year of high school, I have made an effort to dress up everyday unless I am very sick.

Dressing up has given me more confidence in my everyday life. I don’t have to shy away from things because I look like crap. I am ready for anything pretty much, except for super professional events. Though dressing up is a BIG satisfaction. Pretty much the saying of, “When you look great, you feel great”, it is really true.

The first thing when someone approaches you is that they notice what you are wearing, that is also the first impression of you. How you dress is how people respect you. In my book, that is pretty important. Going through life of people not respecting you is honestly very hard. Clothing doesn’t have to be ultra expensive to achieve the feeling of feeling good. Clothing that comes from Marshalls or TJ Maxx are great places for stylish fashion for cheap prices, don’t you agree?

On the days that I’m ill… dressing down, I always try to be as professional about it as much as possible, therefore I try to avoid the baggy sweatpants. I feel it’s best to stick with yoga pants because this way it is still very clean cut, nothing sloppy. And another plus is that it makes your butt look good ;).

I know dressing up everyday isn’t an easy task to achieve, I seriously truly understand. But something that helps is picking it out the outfit the night before so your not in a huge rush when you are trying to look good for the day in the morning…plus, you have a lot more time! Something that I do is that I consistently follow fashion bloggers to see what they are wearing and do something similar.

Do you feel its hard to make an effort to dress up everyday? When you do dress up, how are you feeling? Do you believe Marshalls and TJ Maxx have good stylish clothing?

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