In the past few years, fur coats were looked highly down upon. It could be because when we think of fur coats, we think of real animal fur, however that is no longer true. In this generation, the fur coat is starting to come back into the fashion trend. Fur coats are no longer made from real animal fur, it is now fake. Though in this generation, we do not even spell the word fake, as “fake”, we write it as “faux”.

Fur coats came back into fashion about two years ago, but fashion generally takes about two to five years for the public to understand it after fashion models has enforced it. Many stores this year are enforcing it, perhaps we will see more people wearing fur vests or coasts this coming winter.

Couple places where you can get your faux fur this year

Michael Kors


Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor LOFT

Overall, how do you feel about faux fur vests/coats this year? Would you purchase one for this year?