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In the past I have gone to many places wishing that I had on a different outfit, but I can’t get home, as a result, I learned to put an extra set of clothing in the trunk of the car. When it comes to this, you must consider the time of the year (due to the weather), what your career is, what you like to wear, something that would work for both you, and what you are doing for the day.

For this combination, I have come up with this outfit combination:


I chose this type of pants because this type of pants is comfortable and casual, yet still dressy enough that you won’t have to worry about running into your next boss. These pants also just about match anything.


Striped pintuck tunic by Banana Republic

I chose these who shirts because both of these shirts will look nice tucked in and not tucked in. These shirts are also pretty casual for the day, but also dressy enough.



AKOUPE by Aldo

Black shoes are a must. I listed both types of shoes because I understand some people are one type or the other. So…how to decide? If your in the professional field, you should go with the heels, but if your a student, you should go with the flats. But it is also about comfort. Many college students don’t like wearing heels to class, therefore it’s not a bad idea to wear flats. If your career involves a lot of traveling, then it is better to go with the flats than the heels because you don’t want to lose focus and effort on a client, especially if your making a big business deal. If you want to be both comfortable and have some height, you should go with the wedges. Wedges are in between of formal and informal, and also super comfortable.

In-sole by Aldo

From past experience, I can’t stress to people how important it is to put a shoe in-sole in your shoe. It really does make that much of a difference to have it in the shoe. If you put into a heel, it seriously adds several more hours of comfort before your feet breaks down. Even if you wear a pair of flats, you should still put a in-sole into the flats because for flats if you wear it too long, your heel starts to hurt, so it doesn’t hurt to put an in-sole into the shoe. So I think a pretty good question for me to answer about these in-soles is what size should you get. I know the first thing you think of when you go buy  your shoe in-sole is the size thing. Do NOT get a in-sole that is the same size as your shoe size, because it will NOT fit. Please don’t make that mistake! These shoe in-soles are rather cheap, only $8, and you can use it for many pairs of shoes, very good investment!!!



It’s always good to have a simple piece of necklace with you because it adds something to your outfit and it also acts as a distraction piece especially if you have large breasts. A belt is also very important to have because it completes the outfit more, and this belt goes along with just about anything.


I’m not sure what type of weather you could possibly get caught in, but it wouldn’t hurt to throw a sweater in the trunk as well, and it also goes right along with the outfit.

Futai Vented Compact Umbrella - Black by Target

I live in a really, really rainy city, well, not as bad as Washington State, but it’s not much better. Seriously something that I learn from experience is always carry an umbrella in the car, this way you will always stay dry. The last thing you want to get is get soaking wet, it can put you through a miserable day, so an easy way to solve that is put an umbrella in your car!

I believe I have provided a pretty good list of what to have extra in the trunk.

Would you add anything else to it?

Let me know!

For the past few years I have been on a search for the perfect pair of leather boots. Of course, it must involve: Stylishness, knee-high, comfort, all day wear, and quality-made.

About a week and a half to two weeks ago, I really felt that I scored the perfect pair of boots by BCBG Generation at Macy’s. They involved everything that I listed above. These boots ended up to be knee-high wedge boots. Why I made this choice? I like the fact that a wedge pair of boots would give me a bit of a height, and that it wasn’t a heel, therefore it’s comfortable and not as formal during the day time. I also liked the fact that this boot was only about three inches high.

I’ve been wearing these boots for about two weeks now, and they are definitely really comfortable. It could be part of the reason is that I put an in-sole in it so that it doesn’t hurt and gives more comfort. To do so, I bought the shoe a half size bigger than my normal size. BCBG shoes run true to size, so that is quite assuring if you are interested in a pair.

Here is the pair that I have:

Boots by BCBGeneration

These boots sells for about $169.99, but I am pretty sure you can find them for $99.99, which is how much I got mine for.

If you are in love with these boots, you can find a pair that is similar tot his pair at Aldo. I chose to go with this pair because I tend to have bigger calfs than normal, but if I had smaller calfs, I would have definitely gone with the pair from Aldo. Why? It’s because the leather quality was even better.

Here is the Aldo knee-high boots that I was referring to:

Boots by Aldo

Here are some places you can find these type of boots:


Banana Republic


Do you like these types of boots?

Do you still find these boots to be too fancy for during the day time?

Do you think these boots would meet your satisfactory?

Everyone is pretty obsessed with contacts, because no one really likes glasses. In my case, I’ll be one less of everyone. My eyes are not that bad, such as, I can still drive without glasses in the evening because only minor things are blurry to me, such as road signs, but I can still make it out.

I have come to find that glasses are really not bad at all, now this is coming from someone who never wore contacts before. About a month ago, I went and got my eyes checked out and ended up getting new glasses. I put them on, and they make everything quite clear, so I kind of fell in love with wearing glasses. I also found that wearing glasses aren’t that bad because it actually creates a more sophisticated and sharp look than without glasses. It’s a look that is more serious, at least with my black glasses.

I have been wearing glasses all my life, but only when I go to class and need to see what the teacher is writing on the board or the projector, but I think one of the reasons I didn’t like wearing my glasses as much before is because they weren’t adjusted completely to my face. These glasses that I have are adjusted completely to my face so when I move my head, they do not go anywhere besides stay on where I like them to be. I’ve come to find that I don’t want to go anywhere without wearing these glasses, well, not only because they make things clearer, but they also make me more credible. I’m pretty sure, I’m already quite a credible person as is, but I also feel more respected.

I guess in other words, glasses are just a pair of glasses that hope you to see, there’s so much more physiological reasons that go into it than just a pair of gasses.

If you don’t like wearing your glasses, but see that your glasses can potentially be quite stylish, you should take it back to the place where you got your glasses and get them adjusted. It took me several times of going back, but in the long run, I got to say, it was well worth it.

Here are some examples of people with glasses, they show sophistication and sharpness as well:

How do you feel when you wear your glasses?

Do you like wearing them?

Please Share!

The day after Thanksgiving, a.k.a, Black Friday is one of the day’s that people go crazy on shopping. Well, for us ladies, it’s all about the discount on clothes and shoes. Normally on Black Friday, I am the buyer, but this year, I decided to go a different route, I decided to be the seller. As a seller on Black Friday, I learned quite a few things. Due to the tradition that all stores in the country go on sale, people tend to think that something is cheaper when it is still pretty pricey, is something that I seriously have picked up. Another thing that I learned is that, the stuff that was on the clearance rack are all taken inside, so there aren’t any clearance items you can get.

As a retailer on Black Friday, I learned that I do NOT like dealing with a HUGE amount of people, nor the mean bosses because they are stressing out too. And over the years of experience with Black Friday, I have come to a conclusion that: If you know your size for the store, please shop online. Why I say this? It saves you gas, dealing with large amounts of people clustering over the same thing, size problems, super long-long lines, and frustration. So definitely in the future, if I’m going to be the buyer, I’m going to get my beauty sleep while everyone is going crazy, while I can sit at home with a cup of coffee and do all the shopping I would do in the store, but online.

If something comes in the mail and it doesn’t fit you or you no longer like it anymore, here’s the good thing, you can go back to the store and A) Get your money back or B) Exchange it 🙂 Also Black Friday deals with clothes and shoes last all day long, even though it says until 9AM or noon, they do that just so that people would order from their store, but generally speaking, it will last all day long.

Now, if you need electronics, I will say getting up super early and waiting in the long long is worth it. Electronics are discounted RIDICULOUSLY cheap on Black Friday. A good example is that you can get a Samsung Flat Screen TV, 46″ for about $325, no joke, because one of my good friend’s texted and told me. Crazy right?

So, do you plan on rethinking how your going to manage your shopping on Black Friday for 2012?

Cupcakes and Cashmere

In this world, more and more people want their nails to look neat and stylish. In the media, there are many celebrities that glorify the fake nails. Personally, I much prefer the natural nails with nail polish on it, because this way, you can change the color of the polish to whatever you please. Yes, I have to agree that a french tips are very clean cut and goes with just about anything, but it also does a lot of damages to your nautral nail. If you decide to wear fake nails, after you get it off, your natural nail literally bends up and down, would you say disgusting much? Fake nails are also very expensive to keep up with. Polished nails on the other hand, you can always change the color to whatever mood your in. It’s also very fun and not over populated.

Cupcakes and Cashmere


Cupcakes and Cashmere

One thing I advise people about nail polish is that they should not buy nail polish that sells for very cheaply. Some of the best brands for nail polish would be O.P.I, Orly, and Revlon. The quality is good and it lasts for longer than the polishes that are cheap. Cheap doesn’t always give you the best quality, which is why it’s cheap. Expensive (around $8) nail polish only needs two coats, but other brands may need about three to four coats.
Do you guys prefer fake nails or natural nail polish?


Many times when we find the perfect outfit for the day, we automatically want to go to a pair of heels that’s about four inches high or stick with the flats. Here’s the thing about going to the heels, heels hurt, especially if you have to be on your foot all day, but it’s super cute with the outfit. Flats are cute too, but it doesn’t always go quite with the outfit, and for people who are petite, flats make us feel short, having some height really wouldn’t hurt. Therefore, wedges are the solution, yes, I understand it is still similar to a heel, but wedges are much, much more comfortable, and you can go all day in it! To make sure that wedges are not like heels, make sure the height of the wedge is not too high. Keep it to about 2-3 inches, MAXIMUM!

Wedges from Aldo

Wedges by Aldo

Wedges by Aldo

Wedges from Express

Wedges by Express

Here’s where you can get your wedges!



Banana Republic

J. Crew

How do you guys like the idea wedges in replace of heels and flats?

Beauty WithOUT the Pain

I catch myself in many situations, especially in the morning that I want to look good for the day, yet, I don’t want to walk out looking like a marshmallow. As a result, over the years of dressing up, I learned some secrets. If you want to wear skirt and a t-shirt, under a trench coat, but it’s very cold outside just for a shirt and a trench coat on top, what you can do is put a sweater over the t-shirt, and then the trench, you will be a lot warmer that way, and also without people noticing that you have a sweater under it.

J's Everyday Fashion

If you like heels, and heels hurt your feet, to resolve this, I always put a “in sole” in the shoe, it’s a lot more comfortable, and you can walk a lot farther without pain. Using an “in-sole” is a very good idea, especially for high heel boots and booties, because they will feel a lot more comfortable. In the winter time, inserting an “in-sole” in a pair of heels makes the shoe feel a lot warmer as well. Not all heels can fit an “in-sole”, but majority of the heels can :)) The best place to get your in-sole is at Aldo for $8!

Aldo "In-soles"

J's Everyday Fashion

When we think of tank tops, we immediately think of hot weather. Well, tank tops isn’t just for one season, it’s for year round actually. I understand it’s getting cold outside, but to resolve the tank top problem all you have to do is put a sweater on top of it, and ohh la la la!!! You got yourself a cute winter outfit with jeans! Although the downside of this outfit is only cute if the tank top is a fashion tank top, otherwise, it just doesn’t look right. Try for yourself!

J's Everyday Fashion

Loop Scarves are SOOO IN!

More and more as the cold weather is creeping in, I’m noticing that more and more scarves are popin’ in! And this year, it’s not the long scarves that pop in, it’s the loop scarves. Last year people started wearing that, but it wasn’t “THE” thing yet. Well, this year, it is! These loop scarves does a lot of the job of jazzing up a casual outfit and it keeps you warm in the winter time!

Here are a couple pictures of what someone has done:

Cheyenne Meets Chanel

Cheyenne Meets Chanel

More pictures of this style will come in the future.

For the meantime, you can grab your loop scarf at:


American Eagle


Abercrombie & Fitch

The Limited

Ann Taylor LOFT

I do recommend getting the scarves that are knit like material, because it’s much fancier that way than the cotton scarves, however, that is personal preference.

Yesterday, my roomie and I went shopping, and I happened to come across these wonderful ear muffs. The first thing I thought of was that this wasn’t going to ruin my hair like a winter hat would do to me. I put this own and it looked so cute and classy, I couldn’t help but grab a pair for my roommate and I. If you guys don’t want to ruin your hair with a winter hat and still look slamming, please consider adding this to your winter collection, it’s only $5.80 at Forever21, can’t beat that!

You can get yours at:


Do you like this idea in place of a hat? Let me know!